Thursday, November 08, 2007

A word--a strangled, raspy word-- of warning

A couple of weeks ago, Sam brought home a sampler pack of Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauces which I have slowly been going through. I like to sit with a bowl of multigrain tostitos and dab a bit on each chip--using different flavors--you know, one of those kind of annoying eating rituals one tends to do when you're eating dinner by yourself and that dinner consists of chips and hot sauce followed by an ice cream sandwich (if I feel like I need a little calcium). ANYWAY, so after finally emptying out my favorites--the Hurtin Jalapeno and the Ginger Peach, I dipped into the Insanity Sauce.

That was about 2 hours 17 minutes ago and so far, I still can't feel my esophagus. Damn that's good sauce.


ob1 said...

The word "INSANITY" was insufficient warning for you? Ha!

I tend to avoid foods with words like "Insanity", "Nuclear", or "Death" in the their titles. :)

Stinkydog said...

yeah, well I live in Texas where everyone exaggerates how hot the sauce is. I thought they were bluffing.