Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gateway to the West

I'm in St. Louis this week for a class, but it didn't start til this afternoon. So, this morning we decided to do some "touristy things." Touristy meaning: something besides getting lost and walking 28 blocks looking for a CVS and finding out that no one pays for the Metro rides besides your own dumb self. Anyway, so we made it to the Arch (Gateway to the West!). The experience probably would have been a little enhanced had it not been 20 degrees outside and so windy that when I stood in the observation deck at the very top, I could feel it MOVE. Yeah. That makes you a little nauseous. But other than that, pretty cool.

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Suzy said...

Great photos! I love the arch -- we used to joke that the aliens would come along and use it to tug the earth far, far away.