Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh, Olan

List of the Day does Great Olan Mills (or Olan-esque) portraits.

"The Brown family. From Beige-jing." Hee!

Fortunately, they did not get ahold of one of the MANY Bell Family portraits floating around. My sister and I have been on a search-and-destroy-mission for those for years. We have easily seven of them taken in front of that gray fence with a plantation background, and there is not a single portrait where there isn't extreme outfit matching, unfortunate hair parting or a realization that at least one of us had to "grow into" our teeth.

seriously. shudder.

link via metafilter


Suzy said...

That list cuts a little too close to home, and yet I can laugh out loud! I am so glad the Dorothy Hamill 'do is represented.

Robyn said...

I cannot quit laughing. I'm just so glad he doesn't have ours!!