Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey yall, if you're not doing anything next Saturday (May 10th)--come join me at this thing. I'll have a table there with some of the event sponsors. We have a big ugly yellow banner and I'll be the one holding all the fuzzy stinkbutts--If I don't know you, come introduce yourself!

Special Doggie Friendly Movies in the Park--

from the Austin Parks Foundation Website:

The hilarious film Best in Show will be presented on the Alamo Drafthouse's full-sized inflatible screen on May 10. Movies in the Park takes place at Republic Square at 5th and Guadalupe St.., downtown Austin. Great pre-show doggie entertainment begins at 7 pm, and the movie begins at dusk (around 9 pm).

From me:

It's FREE and I'm told the pre-show entertainment includes agility demos, silly pet tricks contest, and a brief training session for those who bring their dogs.


Allison said...

So why cocker spaniels in particular? (As far as owning them and rescuing them.)

Stinkydog said...

you know, I ask myself that very question every single day--ha!

No,I'm kidding. Do search on the blog for "Georgia". She's the reason why.