Friday, April 25, 2008


What am I doing for the weekend you ask? Well, as usual, I make plans and (as usual), I will probably chuck them all in lieu of de-pooping my backyard and/or scrubbing the funky smell out of some orphan dog. I know how to live big, I tell ya.

Here are some things going on around town though:

1) The Annual Weiner Dog Races in Buda Saturday and Sunday. (click here for a map). Or you could just come over, I can re-create this for you using 10 cocker spaniels, an Indy Flag and a package of dried hotdogs.

2) Eeyores Birthday--Saturday, Pease Park 11am til the drugs wear off. Again, I could probably muster a reasonable facsimile of this for you..I just won't wash any of the dogs.

3.) Kelly Willis and Two Tons of Steel at the Georgetown Red Poppy Festival. Saturday. I don't mean to, you know, with the dead horse and all, but there is this one Kelly Willis song that makes all the dogs howl in unison, it is actually pretty hilarious to watch.

alrighty, yall let me know if anything fun is going on. have a good one.

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