Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You are about to witness a little something we like to call "The Beginning of the Fall of Western Civilisation" otherwise known as, "When Lee Found Out the 3mth old Puppy Could Climb Walls."

We have been keeping Cristabel baby-gated in the hallway while we're at work so she can keep out of trouble, you know, like not chewing on electrical cords and otherwise causing death and destruction. I came home yesterday afternoon and she was out running around with all the other dogs, but the gates were still up. And mind you, I double-gate here. So, I was wracking my brain to see where we went wrong--did I leave gaps between the gates? Did she pry one loose? Today I decided to try and spy on her to see what was really happening. And this is where the freak out comes.. She can actually climb over 5 1/2 feet straight up. I got it on camera. In seven years of fostering over 170 dogs, I have never known another dog who could do this. Not even Loki, who was the doggie equivalent of HELL ON EARTH. I figure the big ears must come in handy--to break her fall.

yall can commence to praying for me now.


Robyn said...

They had a kid on AFV once who did that and the parents put vaseline on the gate to make him slide down every time he tried to climb up. Guess that would be too messy with all the hair involved with the dog, huh?

Kate S said...

Some cats can't climb that well-ever thought of sending it in to "Funniest Home Videos?"