Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guest Blogging Saturrrday Night

Our Heavenly Father, we apologize for the brazen hussy-ness you are about to see. It is all Melissa's fault. She just wasn't raised right.

Hello world. I'm Mel. You know of Mel-O-Drama fame.

Yeah. That's me.

Dude. I'm here in the world of Stinkydog and Birdrunner and I'm hanging out with the family...and that includes Courtney-the-commenter. Yeah, I'm talking about you.

We're not drunk at all. Seriously. At. All.

Hey, Fishdog is here, too. He's the DD. Haha.

We've been talking about dogs (duh), Sex (duh), books(duh), and fuckin' hot we are for being so damn old. Not that I'm old, cuz I'm not.

What are y'all doin'?

dude, I have alrdday taken the most incriminating pictures ever. we are going to take this drunken fest to Mel's blog now.

dude, have you seen the breasteses?


Dwight said...

Looks good from here.Sounds like you had fun wish i had been their.

Anonymous said...

I had a GREAT time last night girls...and wow...that's some cleavage going on there...cleavage I didn't even know Lee had...ha ha

Stinkydog said...

Still doesn't have. I tried to push them up though. This doesn't really work when you're standing next to Mel's tatas. Those things will poke your eye out. heh.