Thursday, May 22, 2008

My oldest nephew turns 18 today! I remember when he was about 3 or 4 I would always tell him he was my favorite nephew since he was my only nephew at the time. Whenever I saw him he'd always ask "Am I your FAAAAAAVORITE nephew?" and I would say, "of course you are!"

And then after both my brother and other sister each had a son he would still ask me, "Am I your FAAAAAAVORITE nephew??" and I would tell him, "oh, you are definitely in the top three."

No matter what, he'll always be my first nephew and I am so excited about what he's got right ahead of him --graduating high school, leaving home for college... I suppose when you're 18 you don't really believe people when they tell you that this is THE time of your life, but I think he knows. He works hard and he's smart and he deserves all the good stuff. Plus, he is totally going to come visit me in the Old Folks Home when I'm 80.

Hippy Birdday Paul! (look at him at Prom! awww!)

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