Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So, did you guys have a good weekend? I did--though my head feels much better today than it did yesterday. ooowee. Let me tell ya--don't ever drink more than four Sam drinks. Ever. You'll thank me for that piece of advice one day. I actually took lots of pictures over the weekend, but due to, ah, some incapacitation on several fronts, we will not be viewing those here. Maybe later, I'll post some from the tame portion of the weekend which involved hanging out in cool kids store Kid Genius. Sam bought a pimp cup there. (seriously) At some point during the weekend, we also took in a showing of Prince Caspian. We agreed that although the movie is okay enough, there is no hand more hamfisted than CS Lewis. give it a rest, padre, ok?

Anyway, short busy week this week. We'll see what kinds of trouble we can get into.

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