Tuesday, May 06, 2008

yeah yeah yeah, I'm sorry I've been light on the posting. In addition to the lovely rash which is (STILL) covering my back, we haven't been getting much sleep. I dunno, it could be the eleven dogs and their incessant need to let me know that A BUG IS CRAWLING OUTSIDE OMG A BUG! A BUG! A TASTY CRUNCHY BUG! but on top of that Miss Sass is sick.. really sick. It sounds like she has a donkey in her throat. And god love her, she just doesn't feel comfy enough unless she is lodged underneath the bedside table so we can hear the hoooonnnnk hoorf hoooooonk snort snort up close, all night long. I have her on medicine. And by "on medicine," I mean, as much Robitussin DM I can squirt down her mouth before she spits it up right back on me (with force). I have learned to not even try this unless I am somehow covered in plastic or in a bathing suit. This is also why my bathroom has a distinct Wild Cherry aroma. ah, good times.

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