Thursday, July 31, 2008


Birthday List at Age Six:

red bicycle
Barbie corvette
cute puppy
Barbie furniture for Barbie Dreamhouse
fuzzy puppy with pink ribbon
Barbie van
Barbie clothes

Birthday List Today:

uninterrupted 3 hour nap
Big honking glass of wine
get these puppies out of my house, for the love of god.

I'm UP, mom, I'm UP!


Robyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Mel Francis said...

happy birthday. i'll have a big glass of wine in your honor tonight!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mama!!! I'm right behind you:) Court

Suzy said...

Happy Lee Day!

angie said...

Well you got the puppy.

Happy Birthday a day late! I was taking the bar - I am excused.

Shauna said...

Hey girl.

I am not sure if you got my email or not - I sent it about a week I am thinking you didnt get it. Email me when you can so we can get your blog all fabulous!


ksmccallaghan at hotmail dot com