Wednesday, July 09, 2008


oh hey are you still here? Yeah, sorry, I've not been inspired...actually, that's not true, I've been very inspired to write about how much yammering the puppies do at four in the morning and how if they keep stealing my sleepydreamytime I'm going to have to stick little cotton balls down their little...but see? we've had this conversation before. We have it about every six months or so like clockwork, and I know you're just thinking to yourself, "Set the puppy down, Lee, set it down and walk away". I keep expecting yall to lure me to the ballroom at the LaQuinta Inn and bring in the interventionist, but you haven't yet so I'm just sitting over here. Waiting. Horizontally, maybe, in a nap-like position.


Mel Francis said...


Deja vu.

Robyn said...

small socks work better than cotton balls. Don't ask how I know.