Monday, July 21, 2008


hey, so what did you guys do this weekend? In between napping and not cleaning my house, I started reading an awesome book and also went to go see Dark Knight. It's very interesting--not for kids (a little too creepy), but very good, even though I can't tell you exactly what happened for the last 45 minutes, as I was pretty close to barfing after being served almost raw fish at the movie theater. And no,I did not order sushi. In their defense, it was a packed house and maybe people don't order the fish tacos all that often, I don't know. Still, I did not order sushi. I have to stop thinking about it now.

What did yall do?


Suzy said...

On our way back from a family trip to Oklahoma (sympathy, please!), took Paul to see this:

Complete two-year-old meltdown in the deepest part.

Stinkydog said...

ooohh, I saw a grown person have a meltdown in there once. it wasn't pretty.