Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yall send good vibes to my Fergus who we are pretty sure was on the receiving end of a major ass-whooping by two foster dogs whose little butts are going to be very sorry if I find out they're responsible for this. It looks like one of the Ferg's legs might be broken--we're waiting to see if when the swelling goes down, he starts putting some weight on it. Otherwise, we're going to take him in to the emergency clinic for some x-rays. I am so mad right now, I am shaking.

*update* after spending most of Saturday and Sunday curled up and refusing to move very much, we've taken him in. I'll let you know what we find out. poor boo boo bear.


Robyn said...

Poor Ferg! Please send any foster responsible for this and I will make sure they spend 72 hours in HELL, I mean Branson with Callie. Believe me, they will come back different dogs.

angie said...

*sad face*

Don't let anyone hurt your baby. It's not worth it.

Mel Francis said...

Oh! poor Fergus! Keep us updated.