Thursday, August 07, 2008

I don't mean to brag, but I am actually not completely useless when it comes to home repair. I know this because about every 3-4 months, Sam or someone else (never me) will accidentally leave something in the kitchen sink that gets mangled and stuck in the food disposal. Like a sharpie (no, really). I've always been able to fix it. Once, after consulting one little diagram page on the internet, I re-wired one of the phone lines in our bedroom. (honest!). So, this morning when we discovered that our air conditioner is, um, SQUIRTING WATER, I decided I am going to take care of this problem. Now, I haven't done anything...yet. I have to approach this very carefully because as you might imagine, tinkering around with your air conditioner in the middle of August in Austin is somewhat akin performing open-heart surgery on your own self--That is to say: if you mess up, you are seriously screwed.

I know, I know, I could call somebody. I actually already did. Thing is, air conditioner repair guys in August in Austin know they have you by the shorthairs. They will tell you things like, "How's next Thursday for ya?" knowing full well that the temperature is supposed to be 103 this weekend. I really hate those guys. So, wish me luck! It can't go that bad, can it?

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