Monday, August 25, 2008

So did you have a nice weekend? I, um, did not do much. Other than watch the Lord of the Rings movies for about the 18th time and nap indiscriminately. What can I say? The "nesting instinct" has not taken root. The "eat as much ice cream as you can and then sleep for 3 hours instinct" is enjoying it's heyday, however. Sam was a preliminary judge at the Hot Sauce Festival. I didn't go, though (no Rocky Road). The last time he was a judge, he came home and belched for 13 straight hours, but I am happy to report that this time either the sauce was tamer or I was too busy napping to notice. He said that really only two of the sauces he tasted were "screechingly hot" (his favorite) while some tasted like Pine Sol. Yeah, I'm not really sorry I missed it. I've always wished they would just move the whole thing to February because every time you go, you end up sweating buckets and wishing you could just pass out already so you can go sit in the nice cool ambulance. I'm getting too old for that crap. So, what did you do?

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Suzy said...

I discovered banana popsicles and watched a movie called "Little Children." Not bad, but kinda creepy. I can't believe I missed the hot sauce festival!