Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to South Austin

Yesterday morning as I was driving away from Central Market, I saw a very skinny man wearing a small Indian Headdress with red feathers, no shirt and tiny little cut-off shorts. He was carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows walking along the access road to 290. I thought to myself, "Clearly, this man should be headed to Target." (heh, get it? I cracked myself up).

And then an hour later, no lie, I saw him walking in the Target parking lot. No word on whether he actually used the bow and arrows.


Anonymous said...

I live in South Austin and have seen this guy 4 times now this summer. Once on the same 290 access road near Brodie Ln., one on S. Lamar, and twice in the Barton Hills neighborhood. Who is he and what's his deal?

Decided today to start searching the web for any info - this is the first link I found talking about him...

Stinkydog said...

I wish I could help--I've only seen him the one time.