Monday, September 22, 2008

The Snoogle

oh hey, *yawn* how are you guys? I am sleeheepy today. I have not been getting enough restful zz's lately and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with yammering puppies three feet away from my head. I just can't get comfortable sleeping anymore these past couple of weeks and I keep waking up 3 and 4 times a night trying to adjust all the pillows and move the belleh. It's just..not working for me. I went to Target and bought a full body pillow thinking that this would help, but it turned out to be super-wimpy with barely any support and all it seems to do really is take up bed space and provide Flo and Fergus someplace to rest their weary heads other than the back of my knees.

Right now I am seriously contemplating the Snoogle. It's $50, but it's supposed to be the Cadillac of body support pillows and..well, it's $50. This is an issue I'll have to work through, I think. Give me a few more days of waking up every 45 minutes and I'll probably take the plunge. Feel free to talk me into it.


Suzy said...

I have heard great things about the snoogle, but you said it: fifty buckeroos. Plus, our bed is too small for something the size of another tall human. Right now, also being in the big-belleh way myself, I am using a firm support king-size pillow from Target ($12) that I flop back and forth from one side to the other all night. It's just long enough to get an arm and one knee over. If I were any taller though, it probably wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say do it. I had my baby two years ago and it helped me so much during that pregnancy. I wish I had had it when I delivered twins but that was back in olden pre-snoogle times. Here's the final convincing point though - I threw my back out yesterday and the 3 things keeping me from murderous rage are 1) vicodin 2) steroids and 3) yup. My old friend snoogle. Go forth and sleep comfortably again.

Allison said...

I too have heard great things about the snoogle, although I never used one. The regular body pillows only work IF you also add more pillows to prop yourself up. The goal is to have your knee (I'm talking the upper leg, the one that's probably straddling the body pillow as you're lying on your side) at the same height as your hip, or it pulls too much on the muscles. I used to use 3 regular pillows to get it that high when doing pregnancy massage. then I also had a pillow to hold onto. It takes up a lot of room, but man, is it comfy. It's a little cocoon of pillows.

I should add that the only other living creatures that were ever in the bed with me were cats, and if I had to get up to pee, then the pillows (and cats) went flying and you have to re-pillow yourself.

I think it's worth it, though. So either get a whole bunch of pillows, or go to a store that sells the snoogle and try it out on the floor. (If you do that, take pictures.)

Allison said...

I forgot to add, it's only going to get worse! Buy the dang Snoogle! Get one for the dogs! Get one for Sam too!