Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There are lots of reasons to be happy you're in your second trimester, I suppose. If you had morning (noon and night) sickness, it's supposed to be gone now. I was very very lucky and didn't have that at all. One other reason to be happy is that you can get back on the drugs--you know, cold medicine and stuff or Mylanta or whatever it is you think you need other than having to call the nurse every three or four days to describe new and really painful twinges and cramps or blinding headaches only to have her say--EVERY SINGLE TIME--"You know, you should probably just drink more water--did you read that booklet I gave you?" And let me just say for the record right now: YES, I READ THE *$#(ing BOOKLET. In it describes all the medications you can and cannot take during pregnancy. Here, I'll break it down for you: First twelve weeks? Tylenol and, um, that's it. Oh and "drink lots of water." I mean, I would sometimes feel like my pancreas was playing rugby with my spleen only to call her and she'd say, "have you had more than 8 glasses today? Did you read that booklet I gave you?". Jeezus. I tell you all this because I woke up this morning feeling like holy hell--fall allergies--coughing, hacking, only being able to breathe out of my left nostril every 20 minutes or so and I'm going to go wild and crazy because THE *$#(*ing BOOKLET says I can take some Benadryl now. And I might even do it on less than 12 glasses of water.

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