Sunday, September 28, 2008

whew, I'm back. Once again a totally packed weekend of seeing lots of family and friends in LR. I met my sister's dog Wilson. Hoo boy. He's uh... well, a WEE BIT SPOILED. And obsessed with my sister, but very cute. The wedding was sweet and fun. I only slightly wished I had been able to do jello shots with everyone else, but you know: sacrifices and all. I'm sorry, I didn't get any video of the dancing. It was less line-dancing and more,um, booty-shaking excepting the bizarro Cosby-esque jerking that my dad does (I don't suppose there's really a term for that, you sortof want to give him medication while he's doing it if that gives you a mental image). At some point, my entire family were bumping tush to Funky Cold Medina and I'm talking my MOM was up there. (I was not, btw, my medina was neither Funky nor Cold). I did manage to get some pictures before my camera completely died. (alert: I need a new camera). There are also plenty of shots of the belleh. I'll have them all posted by tomorrow, but here's one of me and the sister. We look a little crazed and/or drunk, but I'm definitely not and Robyn wasn't...yet.

I'll post a link to the rest when they're done uploading to Flickr which should be sometime soon. I'm off to bed. later, taters.

update: ok, rest of pictures are here

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