Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Maybe it's just these pants??

continuing on with our questionable things people say to pregnant women...

This week I am helping to film parts of a conference so I'm sorta coming and going a lot. One of the participants in the conference says to me this morning:

"You know, I could swear your baby keeps growing overnight--you look SO MUCH BIGGER than you did on Monday!"

um. Thanks?


Steph said...

Just wait until someone says "You're still here? I thought for sure you would have had that baby by now, you can't get any bigger."

Maybe not so bad, except that I was only 7 months.

Stinkydog said...

yeah, I'm just shy of 5mths. I figure by 7mths, I'm going to start walking around with a baseball bat. Will that work?

Older not wiser said...

Maybe just maybe that person has never had a child and a higher being has decided on survival of the most intelligent