Tuesday, October 07, 2008

yesterday was one of those days that started wayyyy too early and just kept barrelling through my nap time (dammit). I just had a lot of stuff to do and what ended up happening was that by about the time of my third big task of the day, my body went on a wobbler, pouted and said, "oh you MUST be kidding." I got super-winded, my back hurt and my vision went a little blackish. I scared the crap out of myself, to be honest. Apparently, growing a tiny human in your tum is about as much as your body really wants to take on at any one time and if you try to make it do much more than that, it will kindly, but firmly tell you to suck it. So, if you see me, I'm not trying to be all pretty pretty princess on you, but we're going to be taking it a little more easy over here.


Allison said...

I had something similar happen to me when I was pregnant and I definitely took it as a message to slow down. So concentrate on growing your hermaphrodites.

Suzy said...

Did she just call your baby a hermaphrodite?