Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today a friend of mine sent me this video of this adorable dachsund playing with an automatic tennis ball launcher. I would post it here, but I'm not about to do a Youtube search for "ball launcher" again. (you go ahead if you want, I'll wait...yeah, told you, huh?)

ANYWAY, it brought back memories of when they had something like this that you could actually buy at Petsmart that had a bucket at the top where the dogs would drop the ball and it would go into a little chute. My friends Meredith and Steve had one and their australian cattle dogs would play with this thing 24/7. Only, Matilda and Oddjob would put their faces about 2 inches from the projectile spot so every time the ball was released, they'd get hammered in the face. It was highly entertaining for all of us.

I found one on Amazon, but they're not available anymore! booo! I want one! Especially now that Huddy Buddy has become obsessed with playing ball. Seriously, two days after the last foster dog leaves and he wakes me up in the mornings now by dropping wet, slobbery tennis balls on my legs at 6:45am. So, I've been looking and all I've found so far is plans for making one out of old scanner parts . Unfortunately, I'm missing that integral geek gene that would make this possible.

Help a sister out--do you know where to find something like this? Do YOU have the integral geek gene?? I'm pretty sure Hudson wants to know.


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