Monday, November 03, 2008


I'm feeling better today, thanks. Though I had already determined that even if I didn't feel better, I was still going to go to work today, if only to get away from the incessant jackhammering and total destruction going on at our house. I would take pictures to show you, but honestly, it's just too disheartening. Let me just say that there are only 3 rooms in the house that either don't have flooring pulled up or huge holes jackhammered into the floor along with all the previous contents of the room schlepped into a toppling pile in the middle of each room. See, if it had actually been mentioned to us beforehand to clear the rooms, we would have, but it wasn't and we didn't. So stuff is just thrown into huge piles everywhere. You can't even walk in some parts of the house. It's like a horde of psychotic howler monkeys were set loose in there, only louder and with more mess. This morning I was all like, "Thank GOD we have 3 rooms we can actually live in!" only, joke's on me after we just found out they might be invading one of those last three (our bedroom) too. It's hard to tell--we think that's what they might have insinuated, but we don't all speak the same language and the foreperson who does speak the language has not been around for a few days. Seriously, if I go home and they've drilled a hole in my bedroom, I think I might cry. Does anyone know of a hotel that will let me stay there with five dogs?

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