Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ooohh, the colors

So far, the house renovations are going verrryy slow. The foundation is fixed but now we have major cracks and crevices that need to be filled in and our floor looks like the howler monkeys chewed and then horfed it back up. We have been trying for two weeks to schedule concrete guys to come in and lay down an overlay--we're going with stained concrete. But, apparently, the economy isn't that bad for them because we have been getting nowhere with that. (at least the concrete guys are busy, right?). Anyway, we do finally have someone scheduled for week after next and now we have about 10 days to pick the color of this new fabulous floor. I present for you now:

our choices (scroll down a bit)

what do you guys think? lots of cool colors, huh? I like a lot of them. I can't decide, you need to help me. Just a reminder--it's going down in MY house, so that means it needs to disguise dirt and um, more dirt. (note: we are not going to do the acid staining for the mottled look, it was discussed and passed on, so yes, it is coolio, but will not be happening). Let me know what you think!


Mel Francis said...

what room is this for? that will affect my answer.

btw: I'm really drawn to the brick red. Like in a major way.

Stinkydog said...

This is the whole front part of our house, minus the kitchen, which is in natural slate tile. This would be living room, pool room, hallway to the bedrooms.

Mel Francis said...

okay for an area that large, I wouldn't do the brick red (but damn do i love it!) I would for just one room. It's a great color! I think for the entire front part of the house, it might be too much. Still my fave though.

My more neutral faves are:
Evening Shadow
Desert Vista
Milk Chocolate (I really like this one)
Rocky Crag

Suzy said...

Walnut or Evening Shadow

Stinkydog said...

ok, I think Rocky Crag might be a little too light (i.e. show DIRT), but Evening Shadow and Desert Vista were on my shortlist. The others on my list were/are:

Merlot and Sequoia

Mel Francis said...

I liked Merlot, too. I wasn't sure if that tint would be neutral enough for the large space. It's a gorgeous color.

FWIW, we replaced darker flooring with blond bamboo in Oxford, and that floor hid dog hair and dirt so much better than the darker floor.