Friday, December 12, 2008

So do you guys have fun holiday plans this weekend? My plan is to live out of our bedroom for ONE MORE weekend and love it. I don't want to jinx anything, but we've got a new floor guy working at the house today and if all goes well it's going to be done by Sunday. We'll see.

So, if you're not doing anything, you should come by and do Pet Pix with Santa Claws--our group is doing two of those this weekend. Tomorrow is at the Petsmart in Round Rock (Louis Henna and I-35) from 11-4 and Sunday at the Petsmart at Hwy 71 in Bee Caves from 11-4. I'll be at the one on Saturday--though despite having the belly for it, I will NOT be Santa this year. Remember when I was the Santa last time and those people brought their near-feral cat that almost took my eyeball out? Yeah, good times. You would think that there aren't that many stupid people in the world, but if you think that, you have a lot more faith in humanity than I do.

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