Saturday, December 13, 2008

yall, seriously? With the cats at the Pictures with Santa--I mean.. Jeezus. They need to just NOT ALLOW IT. I want to clarify here, that I am not anti-cat. In fact, I make this plea on behalf of cats, a'ight? I say this for them-- Because you know what? They're not happy.

Today it happened just once when I was there, but man, that cat was pissed. . I'm just sort of in shock that people are still doing this. If you're thinking to yourself, "do I have a crazy cat? Am I the person she is talking about?" Let me just give you a couple of clues:

1) we hear your cat in its carrier making noises like it is being sodomized by crazed monkeys from the time you enter the store til you make your way over to the Santa area.

2) you have duct tape holding your carrier together because your cat has SHREDDED it.

3) you feel the need to position three people around the carrier to catch your cat once you open the latch because it is going to be outta there.

4). you are already apologizing before anything even happens.

If you are that person and that is your cat-- DUDE, TAKE IT HOME. BUY A $*#ing SANTA HAT YOURSELF AND SAVE US ALL SOME HEARTACHE and, incidentally, medical bills.


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Older not wiser said...

Little bitty doggies with high strung personalities don't like Santa either.