Friday, December 05, 2008

zee toe and other calamities

lawd, today has been one of those days that if I could have just stayed in under the covers..well, it still would have sucked, but at least I'd still be in fuzzy pajamas.

It started super-early when we both woke up to the sounds of the puppy coughing and trying to breathe. Poor little booger has some sort of major cold or possibly pneumonia. He's at the vet today getting checked out. THEN, our floor guy decided to bow out due to his not really knowing what he was doing and being nervous about the results he was getting. I actually think it was really decent of him to be honest and not continue on and do a shit job, but now we're kinda back to square one trying to schedule another floor guy. AND on top of this, last night I broke my toe. I did it right before I went to bed and I didn't think I hurt it that bad at the time. I guess it's the rolling over in the middle of the night and screeching in pain that clued me in. That and the fact that it's purple now and can't wear a shoe. It's okay though, I had a nice FIVE HOUR meeting today that I could spend sitting through and propping it up.

I swear, I think I'm going to bed right when I get home.

purple toe below.


Robyn said...


Mel Francis said...

Rader's toe was worse a few months ago. LOL Of course, he wasn't pregnant...

Hang in there. Wish you could take the edge off with a margarita or 4.

Stinkydog said...

oh that pic was from this morning--it's a wee bit purple-er now. Yeah, the not being able to take pain meds is what sucketh. I can take Tylenol, but they don't have any real effect til I take about 5-6 at a time, so that's out..