Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wait, did I say FOUR puppies??? heyyyyyyy, how did this big one get in there? Do I see FIVE now?

ok, ok, yes there are five. I didn't post Biggie Smalls over here last night b/c he was sick with a temp of 106 and it wasn't looking good, but he has made a miraculous recovery and now there are five in my bathroom and oh yeah, one in the hallway (remember?) and what the hell am I doing over here??? I am scheduled to give birth in EIGHT DAYS. Don't worry, I'll have this all straightened out by then. Or we'll have a puppy pen set up in the maternity ward. Surely, they won't mind. heh.

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Allison said...

He's cute. I like to look at puppies, but I don't want one. At least, not until Benjamin is old enough to ask me for one. And then pick up its poop.

A friend of mine is trying to rehome her very cute but highly energetic, cat-hating border collie puppy, if you have any suggestions.

Maybe I could just sneak the puppy over and put it in with your wouldn't notice, right?