Thursday, March 12, 2009

Son, You are NOT going to like this

I'm wimping out on posting anything other than pictures lately, sorry! I just.. I'm just.. My brain don't workie. You'll have to get used to it til I start getting a wee bit more sleep.

I do have a funny story though, but it's much less funny without the visual. We went to the pediatrician today for Hopper's first visit. As you might remember, he had weight gain issues, which is why we were in the *@(%#ing hospital for as long as we were, but anyway, so we've been feeding him a mixture of formula and pumped breast milk. We thought it might have had an effect on his, um, poop output. TMI, I know, but so we're telling the doctor this and we let her know that it had been well over a day and an half since we had seen any magical baby droppings. So, she had to do a little something she called "rectal stimulation". At this point, Sam tried to warn Hopper that he wasn't going to like it and that he might want to start producing something REAL quick because things were about to get unpleasant. Let me just tell you that the look on that kid's face when she started... I can barely type, because it cracks me up still thinking about it. He was so unbelievably furious, he just could not catch a breath. He just got pinker and pinker and his mouth got wider and wider til I was sure that whatever came out of him next was going to shatter the windows. I have never wanted a camera on me worse in my whole life. This here below is close, but doesn't quite hit the extent of anger, pinkness and sonic-boom wailing. Sorry, I know, I'm bad mommy, but damn that was funny.


Robyn said...

so did it work? did he poo?

Stinkydog said...

oh yes. Multiple times. Many times since then as well. Poo everywhere.

Shayna said...

That sounds much better than the baby suppository we had to give our boy Keaton when he was 3 days old. OMG.

I love that once you have a baby, poop becomes a normal talking point.