Monday, March 16, 2009

Usually the second question I get asked (right after "Can I squeeze the baby?") is "How are the dogs dealing with Hopper in the house?" and I have to say: it's a mixed bag.

I'm not sure Micah is actually aware that there is a baby in the house. She's pretty oblivious to anything that doesn't smell like bacon or something she could eat. If we dipped him in lard, she might take more of an interest. The puppy would just like to chew on the baby's toes, just a little nubbin'. Hudson will cautiously come up and sniff Hopper's head every once in a while, but mainly he is peeved because our bringing the baby home coincided with a 5 day rainy streak which means that he thinks the baby is responsible for our refusing to play fetch with him for a better part of a week. He'll probably be more okay with him once the daily ball throwing marathons re-commence. And Fergus. Oh Fergus. He's a little obsessed with the baby. He continually tries to lick his head and wants to get as close as possible. He has to observe every single diaper change and will whine and scratch at the door if you try to shut him out. He becomes very concerned when the baby gets upset and will try to get my attention in any way possible, including putting his paws on my face and/or farting as noxiously as possible. I know. Not much different than he's always been but this time, it coincides with every time the baby cries which means we're ordering our gas masks as soon as possible. It's getting stank up in here.

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