Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Kid Needs His Own Blog

I know for a while there I was posting pictures of the baby every day and while it satisfied the daily blogging quotient, I felt like maybe some of you didn't want to be subjected to daily pictures of my child and maybe wanted a little more content. So I tried. I did. I think I posted a puppy pic or two and then I just didn't post for a few days. The honest truth is, I don't have a lot going on right now other than taking care of the little nummy numchuck, so, sorry. You get baby pictures punctuated by puppy pictures until I get both more sleep and out of my house.

The good news is: I might be getting out this weekend (woo and a hoo!). For now, here is your daily Hopper. (these are from when we were watching Soundscapes yesterday, btw, he's still making great faces...and still does not look like me or Sam, but check out his little round head).


Anonymous said...

he is soo cute and it would be fine with me if u posted pix of him everyday...and btw...he looks like u...Court

Robyn said...

there are so many of these that remind me of Connor at that age!! Sure thing he'll be a cutie if he grows up to look like him!