Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Four

Well, we're four days in to Baby Separation Circle of Hell, otherwise known as "work". It's going ok. I'm still not liking getting up at 5:15am, but I've found through various attempts to skip activies (putting on makeup) or do them while driving (pumping milk), that not only do I have to get up that early, I probably should make it even a little earlier. gah. And no, I didn't make things easier on myself by agreeing to get three little turd monkeys puppies either. That's a good twenty minutes each morning of trying to remove dried poo from their fur while I sanitize and re-paper the bathroom floor. It would help if they would either a) stop playing near poop mounds or b.)learn to hop in the tub and wash that crap off themeselves. It's a losing battle, I tell ya. Hopper is doing ok--he's testing the waters on this whole new schedule thing, not taking naps, partying til Midnight, asking for chips and salsa instead of his regular breastmilk. Sam has not embraced the "awake" part of morning yet either. He's up, but he's cranky. He has his own version of the "anger elf". (I would post a picture, but he'd get me back and I'm not quick enough to avoid that yet) I'm hoping by next week, we'll all have this whole thing down a little bit more because I'm guessing my lotto numbers probably didn't come in for me last night. Damned mathematical improbability and your dream-crushing.


Older not wiser said...

Can't believe we have the same retirement plan-and enjoying work while being away from the kiddo-still working on that myself.

Allison said...

I'm not gonna lie; there are still many days when I think, "I have to sit here and do this when I could be with my child?"