Friday, May 01, 2009


Have you guys seen Plinky? Plinky is a service that you sign up for and they will give you daily prompts for blog topics. Excellent news for someone who was this close to posting yet another photo of her son making goofy faces. Or hey! I have another fart story...another time perhaps.

Today's Plinky prompt is:
What's the least fun you've ever had at a place specifically tailored for fun?

oh this is an easy one because this was a day seared in my memory. It was the first time Sam came home with me to Little Rock to meet my family. We had gone out with old friends the night before and as we were wont to do in those days, we might have a drinky..or twelve. I distinctly remember sitting in the middle of Chuck E Cheese the next day in a stupendous hangover, with my dark sunglasses on trying not to vomit in the ball cage. I couldn't even play skeeball, it was that rough. I could just limply offer up the wooden ball with a little shove, just missing the hole for 10 points every single time. As new parents, we've made a solemn vow that our son will never, ever go to Chuck E Cheese in his lifetime. At least not on our watch. It's probably only partially due to the fact that that place is a petri dish of germs and horribly bad pizza.. and mostly to do with that dark, dark day. Sorry, kid.


Robyn said...

Oh no, there is Playtime Pizza now. It's Chuck E Cheese on steroids. No shit. It's a freakin nightmare!!! But don't worry, I won't waste my time taking him there. They don't serve beer! At CEC served beer to make it somewhat tolerable!!

Older not wiser said...

What's next? will you bann Mickey Mouse because he's a rodent? Or the EasterBunny because the dogs don't like him?

Stinkydog said...

Disney is already banned, and not b/c he's a rodent. But, the dogs LOVE the easter bunny, so he's ok.

Anonymous said...

you can't ban Disney!! Only communists deny their kids