Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last night, our friends Scott and Sarah were nice enough to let me come to the grand opening party of their awesome new pizza joint, House Pizzeria. We sampled just about everything on the menu (no, really, I had to roll myself to the car) and I can tell you that every single thing available to eat there is fantastic. I'm talking, Put-Your-Crying-Baby-Down-Because-Mama-Needs-Another-Slice-of-Pizza-Good (sorry, Hopp). I wish I could take the Blue Pizza (with port reductioin!) and stick it under my pillow, just so I could dream about it. Oh and the jukebox is not too shabby either--Marty Robbins! Prince! In short, mama recommends. HIGHLY.


Anonymous said...

what's Mexican Coke? C

Stinkydog said...

it's Coke made in Mexico, dork.

(no seriously, it's like regular coke, but it's made with real sugar)