Thursday, May 07, 2009

a tale of two cities..

Plinky Post:
What two cities should be moved closer together?

Answer (of course): Little Rock and Austin. I don't think they should be moved right next to one another, but maybe at about a three hour distance. Reasoning is as follows:

1) I would visit my family more often, say, once a month, but three hours is still long enough that you wouldn't do it every single weekend. Time apart is good for people who mock each other as much as my family does, but I miss those jerkles sometimes.

2). Little Rock could possibly gain a little coolness from being a little closer to Austin. I often tell people that Austin is like Little Rock could be if only Little Rock would have a Margarita and remove the bible-thumping, backwards thinking stick from its bottom. Don't get me wrong, I love Little Rock, I grew up there. And I hear they're making all sorts of strides, what with how people actually go to more than one bar these days and how they build Big Dam Bridges and all. I'm happy for that, but it ain't no Austin... yet.

3). Austin could possibly gain a little beauty (and rain) from being a little closer to Little Rock. Austin, I love ye, but yer ugly. Sure, every once in a while we have some wildflowers and there are some interesting rock formations here and there ,but you know why we see the rock formations? NO RAIN. And also, while we're on the topic, Seasons: there are FOUR, look into it.

there you have it. What two would you put together?

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Mel Francis said...

make it so, number one.