Friday, June 26, 2009

Ok yall, last day of high school pictures, I'm sure you're probably getting sick of them...but it's better than dying puppies, right?? (note to self: explore new blog topics, stat). Today we have photos from our senior play (My Fair Lady dontcha know), a couple from graduation--note on that: yeah we all wore white formals..sortof like debutantes which is just..weird. They still do this, by the way, my niece has photos from her own graduation 2 years ago that look almost identical to these. And then I have just a couple of random shots of friends--one of which I picked because Courtney has crimped hair, hee! Reunion starts tonight. Have a blast for me.


Stinkydog said...

c--I'm sorry your head is cut off in that pic--bad scanning job--I'll try to redo it before lunch, but I'm going into a mtg at the momentito.

Anonymous said...

is that the one where my hair is crimped? which one is it? and BTW, that was tha style!!! Court