Thursday, July 30, 2009


If you're just tuning in, we're outta town...

So, I'm turning 28 on Friday. I KNOW, that's old, right?? Pretty soon I'll be on the downhill slide to thir---OK, FINE. I'm 38 on Friday. Whoop.

I'm not sad about it at all though, because I will be spending my birthday at three different awesome wineries. Those are Chehalem, Argyle and either Soter or Drouhin which is the US branch of the Drouhin we visited in France. (oh! maybe we'll see Jean-Pierre and his spectacles!). anyway, it's going to be a lovely day to usher in my dotage, so don't cry for me Argentina. Bottoms UP!

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Juliet said...

Habby Slabby Bird-day.