Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Today's episode of "I'm busy, Here! Look at the Baby!" we have Hopper during meal time. Meal times have gotten a lot more interesting in the past week with the introduction of (dun dun dun): SOLIDS. (Actually, it's probably more accurate to say that it's diaper changing that has gotten more interesting, but since I've already regaled you with one poo story this week, we're going to move right along. We have standards, you know.They're low, but they do exist) Anyway, solids: yeah, I think Hopper's reaction can best be summed us akin to Audrey II, the bloodthirsty plant in Little Shop of Horrors, (FEED ME). Specifically, he starts getting this crazed look in his eye and starts flailing around for the spoon (Photo #1). Then we have the Schmearing Process that involves taking the spoon, upending it sideways on upper lip, both cheeks and chin before trying to shove completely down throat, then the look of beatific satisfaction when he gets whatever tiny smudge is leftover on his tongue. In these photos, we have sweet potatoes. Sam doesn't think Hopper likes sweet potatoes. I think the only thing Hopper doesn't like about sweet potatoes is that they don't automatically hurtle themselves into his mouth. Sam also says that 3/4 of the mess of feeding time is "User Error" on my part.. ok, that one is probably true.


Suzy said...

Okay, first of all, he obviously loves sweet potatoes. Also, you might want to try a plastic coated bib that you can wash off in the sink. As far as the grabbing the spoon thing, I have the same problem. I observed our nanny feeding Andrew, though, and she uses one hand to hold both his hands down in his lap so he can't grab. Seemed mean at first, but I tried it and it is much easier.

Older not wiser said...

He obviosuly loves sweet taters.