Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't know why, but I have really been wanting one of these lately. Though I refuse to go back to Trudy's South, due to their move to a more stupid location and general nosedive in tastiness. We're pretty sure they slopped mayonnaise with paprika in it and called it "creamy jalapeno dressing" the last time we were there.. I would hate to go and find out that they're now effing up the Mexican Martini as well. (noooooo, not the Martini!!). So, I might just be making this one at home. Too bad I can't have one at lunch.

Mexican Martini

2 fl oz tequila
1 fl oz cointreau
1-2 fl oz Sprite
1 fl oz orange juice
1/2 lime, juice of

shake all ingredients in ice-filled shaker, strain into glass rimmed with salt, add stuffed olives.

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