Thursday, August 06, 2009

I suppose every generation must go through this, the reflection about things our kids will never see or do. This list is a little heavy on the geek/technical side, but I have to ask, #87: what? Swimming pools don't have diving boards anymore?? huh? when did that happen?

link via strollerderby


Older not wiser said...

Since when did the Hershey bar quit using silver wrappers?

Robyn said...

Diving boards, BIG liablity now days. I know of only one pool that has one. And yes Kate, hershey quit putting the silver wrapper on years ago. A lot of the phone things apply to us. I don't think Connor would know how to dial a number, he just plugs it in and hits #1 or #2 if he needs someone. And Caller ID? A lifesaver for us. Don't answer the phone unless you know it's me or Daddy! No more ring one time and hang up. My kids will never know a cassette tape or 8 tracks!!!