Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy week this week (office moves, project deadlines), so let's just get down to the Plinky's why don't we?

For Today, the plinky prompt is:

What Celebrity do you look like? Be honest.

There was one of these Top 5 celebrities I've been told I look like thingies on Facebook a while ago and honestly, I don't remember all of them, but I'll tell you the two I've heard most often and the one I think is probably the most accurate. The two I've heard most often are Kim Delaney (she was Jenny on All My Children and then on NYPD Blue later on) and Marisa Tomei probably most well known from My Cousin Vinnie (I don't get that one, if I'm being honest, just reporting over here).

The one I think is probably most accurate is via my friend Beth who told me once that I look like an old film star from the 1930's, Kay Francis. I had actually never heard of Kay Francis before she told me about her, but now that I yeah, I can sorta see it..when I squint a little...

But if I'm perfectly honest, if you want to know who I think I really look like? I'm gonna have to go with:

you see it, too, don't you.

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