Monday, September 28, 2009

I was sitting here trying to make my choice of which banned book I should read today, so I was checking the lists of most-challenged books. The one that kept popping up at the top of the list each time was And Tango Makes Three. So, I'm thinking--hooooooo, must be juicy! Let's go check it out and then I find this:

and then I read this:
This tale based on a true story about a charming penguin family living in New York City's Central Park Zoo will capture the hearts of penguin lovers everywhere. Roy and Silo, two male penguins, are "a little bit different." They cuddle and share a nest like the other penguin couples, and when all the others start hatching eggs, they want to be parents, too. Determined and hopeful, they bring an egg-shaped rock back to their nest and proceed to start caring for it. They have little luck, until a watchful zookeeper decides they deserve a chance at having their own family and gives them an egg in need of nurturing. The dedicated and enthusiastic fathers do a great job of hatching their funny and adorable daughter, and the three can still be seen at the zoo today.

And I am, like, ARE YOU PEOPLE KIDDING ME?? Gay Family-Oriented Penguins?? THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM??? Have you people even SEEN the Bratz Dolls??? That's it. I'm buying this one for Hopper's Reddy for Beddy time TONIGHT.


Anonymous said...

ok...that's insane and I'm ordering the book too!!! CES

Older not wiser said...

If this book was by Fitzgerald or Toni Morrison I could understand the banning (they've banned as much of theirs as they could).

Casey said...

I'm telling you. It gets worse. Some of that slutty shit they have out there for girls and then the violent things for boys is UNREAL! Now, of course you know we let Connor play some of those games but some of the messages freak me out sometimes. Sometimes they have no clue about real society issues.

Allison said...

Gay penguins! Must have.

Juliet said...

And that's why people love you, Lee. You get a gold star!