Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Dissolution of Happy

Ok, it started out fine.

He was a little skeptical, perhaps.

We even got a brief, momentary smile.

Look at that smile! heyyyyy, this may work out after all.. And then mama went into the other room to fix his lunch and foolishly left him in the costume so he can get more acclimated to it. And then...

uh oh.

Aaaannnd, he's done.


Juliet said...

Ryan's first halloween costume was a bumblebee, complete with a little stinger sticking out of the butt. He was so freakin' cute, but the only way I could get him to wear it was waiting to put it on him just NANOSECONDS before we left the house to go somewhere. If I put it on him sooner than that, he would react the same way Hopper is.

Try waiting and putting it on him at the very very last second. Then take him outside - he'll be distracted, and you'll get better pics.

Mel Francis said...

I say make him wear it. I mean, that's what we parents do...we force our kids to do things they don't want to all the time. May as well start his home-trainin' early.