Friday, October 23, 2009

Hopper has a Head Cold. I'm totally going to write a children's book about that. It will follow a brave little boy who's nose is becomes a battleground between green slimy monster slugs who invade his head and an Evil Overlordess (Overlady?) who squirts salt water up his nostrils til the nasty green slugs come charging out and then the Evil Overl.. E-O crushes them all with her KLEENEX OF DOOM. And then Chapter Two: How the little boy vanquishes the Fever Ogres with his patented NO SLEEP Technique.

toss. turn. toss. turn. SNORT. turn.

poor little guy.


Juliet said...

Awww just makes me want to drive to Texas and hug him! Hope Hopper feels better soon.

Juliet said...

Hey Little Man Hopper,

I ab so sowwy about your head code. It's no fud when you can't breed. I hobe you feel bedder soon.