Sunday, October 04, 2009

just fyi, since the last time, Hopper still does not find this amusing at all.

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Juliet said...

Fold up a paper napkin **just so** and commence:

"PAY THE RENT!" (mean landlord with big, hairy, scary mustache)

"I caint pay the rent!" (Blonde damsel in distress - and yes, I meant to spell it CAINT, instead of can't)

"PAY THE RENT!" (mean guy again)

"I caint pay the rent!" (blonde chick again)

"PAY THE RENT!!!!!!" (meanie)

"But I CAINT pay the rent!" (blondie)

"I'LL pay the rent!" (Handsome, clean-cut stranger - unfortunately, he's probably still in the closet)

"Oh, My Hero!" (swooning blondie)

"Curses, foiled again!" (frustrated mean guy, also probably still in the closet)

**fade to black**