Thursday, November 12, 2009

This story from an interview with Jane Lynch (AKA Sue Sylvester from Glee) cracks me up, not because I enjoy digs at the blind, but because this is TOTALLY something that would happen to me. In fact, I'm sort of surprised it hasn't.
Jane Lynch: I was at a movie and a woman was whispering to a man the entire time what was going on—like “Oh, he’s walking through the door now, look, he’s doing this, he’s doing that.” And I got so mad that as they were rolling credits, I turned around and said, “Thank you for the ongoing commentary.” And the guy said, “I’m blind!” and I said, “Well, then, sit in the back.”

link via jezebel


Juliet said...

Oh lord, my PC radar is going off and I'm saying "That was BAD, so BAD."

But my that-was-funny-as-hell radar is also going off, and I'm rofl.


Suzy said...

Wasn't she amazing in the last scene of Glee last night!! I heart Glee, even if it has turned into more of a drama.

Stinkydog said...

I know. I had already teared up a little during "Dancing with Myself" and then they had to go and pull the sister card..

Anonymous said...

this was like the best episode yet...I laughed from start to finish:-) CES