Wednesday, December 16, 2009

in today's "I'm busy, Here! look at the baby!" we have the outtakes from our Christmas card. If you have not received a christmas card from us it is because either we don't have your address or we don't like you. Ha! I'm kidding. Send me your address why don't you? Anyway, people always ask me if Hopper is this happy all the time and I am not trying to b.s. you, but for the most part: yeah, pretty much. As you can see here:

or here:

with the exception of moments like this where he is either contemplating taking a monster poo or he just figured out that he has Liza Minelli hair.

It's okay, Hoppy, Life is just a Cabaret..

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Suzy said...

Liza Minelli!! Ha!! Poor thing. Loved the card. He is one cute, happy boy.