Friday, February 12, 2010

it *is* Friday, isn't it?

Last night I had one of those really wacky vivid Project Runway dreams where I was sitting in the middle of the produce section of HEB bemoaning the fact that I would, of course, be able to construct the most excellent cocktail dress out of tomatillos and kale if only I knew how to sew. And all the other contestants were just working on their own pineapple dresses and looking over at me like "hmmmm, sucks for you." And right about then I realize that I'm actually this guy:

That delusional moe-ron from the awful NOT-Project Runway Show BravoTV aired last year where all the contestants had about as much personal style and design ability as, well, ME (if you never watched it,this guy made it on there despite not actually knowing how to sew..or make patterns..or cut cloth, really). Anyway, then I woke up and wasn't able to get back to sleep til about 5:15 this morning, giving me exactly 45 minutes to burrow under the blankets until I had to get up and start my day with NOT NEARLY ENOUGH SLEEP and a vague mental directive of "Lets try not to dress for work like a Samurai who's been trapped in a Hot Topic vortex for 20 years." I blame Heidi Klum.

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