Friday, February 05, 2010

yeah, what they said



For a football player to stand for his mother's decision to have her son under trying circumstances is very courageous.

I do understand those woman's thoughts about ensuring all children need to be killed, but it's ironic that their mother gave birth to them (and undoubtedly some were under very difficult circumstances), and it gave them the opportunity to pronounce hate against them.

So the bottom line is this- take a stand for a courageous young woman having a child and you are accursed. Take a stand for a young woman killing her child and you're a saint.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I wish I had a grandmother who cursed like a sailor to learn that from.

Stinkydog said...

actually, I'm just fine with the pro-life commercial. I'm all for everybody getting their voices heard and the viewers getting to make their own decisions...that's why I think it' s a little BS that they allow this, but not allow an ad from a gay dating site. Plus, You know, They'll let us watch any number of highly offensive commercials, but they won't let us see two men hug? hypocritical BS, in my opinion.